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Domes Machine automatic inject 200 different logos 1 mins

Domes Machine automatic inject 200 different logos 1 mins

Domes Machine automatic inject 200 different logos  1 mins

Domes Machine automatic inject 200 different logos  1 mins



Epoxy doming automatic dispensing machine is Weldo home-developed high precision glue dispensing machine with high accurancy ,super production capacity , low cost and simple operation features . 


(1) Function Princple

Precise location to parts can be realized trhough visual location system by controlling visual system and high speed dispensing controller .Therefore deviation due to product's height can be dealt with , as well as the plate logic of high speed dispensing controller and movement  of servo motor . 


(2) The role of Visual in dispensing technique: 

(a) Before dispensing , product can be located quickly and dispensing track shall be put into form automatically ;

(b) Dispensing dots shall be compared and measured to check the uniformity of shape ,dimension and color of the dots after dispesing . 


(3) machine Charateristics:

     (a) Angle free dispensing .Product can be placed on worktable at will without special tooling fixture involved .

     (b) Independent and fixed constant temperature system. Heating device are installed on dispensing head and plate to conduct special process such as hot dispensing with cold glue or cold dispensing with hot glue in cold season .

     (c) Loading and Moving mechanism on granite platform . This stone platform ensures great stability of movement and promotes movement precision without deformation . 

    (d) Adjustable illuminant with full chromatography .Full chromatography illuminant can be adjusted independently and continuously , from which any visual light can be picked to promote visual recognition rate and accuracy of product.

  (e) Any Dispensing track can be set accordinly . Dispensing track on the screen can be pointed through mouse , avoiding compliance operations on demonstrator and shorten the time of product's introduction.

   (f) It can be installed with 1.3 million pixel camera , intelligent software operation and 300*400 mm plate is optional . 


(4) Positionining 


Weldo manufactures of adhesives and sealants dispensing equipment&machine, dispenser robot, liquid dispenser for PVC, glue, silicone, soft enamel, epoxy, UV cure formulations and many more fluids.
Weldo  Dispensing products are used in many industries including: Apparel and ornaments ,footwear accessories,souvenir and jewelry , food, electronics , .We are able to provide a solution for every application requiring precision applications of fluids.

Application Industries: