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How to get a way for tradictional PVC and silicon micro-Injection in Morden Time

  2018 is special year for Weldo ,Weldo pvc label making machines were widely used in  textile , footwear and gifts factories More than 10 years , PVC micro-injection , liquid silicon micro injection is a brilliant flowers , small investment , few labors , seldom factory  processed this soft patch ,but market was full of requirement . Clients frequently pulling their money to grab those patch became a spectacular sight ,and produced big factories, like Lifeng Label , JunFu and many other factories who caught advanced chances , and  created one and another wonderful flowers.

  Years ago,you would see in those factories thousands 

of workers took syringes,pull up long sleeves, cracking sounds from manual injection split in air,it seemed like playing a sudden huge profits symphony. Simultaneously,it also created money chances for PVC raw material business , PVC label automatic machine development , CNC mold engraving industries .

  But with the changing time , 10 years passed , the first few big PVC label factories  escaped from mirco-injection business and invested money in plastic injection, die casting ,  PVC mirco-injection , silicon labels became their trading to get thin profit . Look for the reasons , probably most of people would consider the labor cost , technical were not secret , doorsill low, small factories nibbled big factories , and big factories became bigger and no more than to compete with small . Many of small factories labors from their family , like wife , kids and even mother in law joined . It was the sight in Gao Bu Town in Dong Guan city .

   As my sight , the industry decline that conform to the change and development of the time.Originally , took few guns that could shoot world, a little brute force created a period would do not  appear again . In front of mature technical and market , if walk old road , use old ways , all manual injection will be out of  market , it proves that we were on progressing . Most of  micro-injection labels are two times injection molding , three times molding , or even two colors  one time injection  molding that all have incomparable advantage .  But mold injection technical that requires high mold cost , some is ten thousands of RMB , some even more than hundred thousands of RMB . However ,like development cost , mold cost , or good design that can be all made from PVC mirco-injection , it just asks for hundreds of RMB to  become a true,development cost  is its big advantage that can be the big boss in molding injection.

   Even if mirco-injection has good development cost ,nevertheless , there is no point for bulk production .In current compete market , production in time , new products first time in market become a import chain in clients . However ,in traditional labor extensive production mode , labor is an serious issue, especially in PVC label micro-injection , how to get out of this bottle neck that need us to consider ?

  Conformed to market requirement , Weldo jointed with big PVC label factories to develop automatic PVC label machine to replace workers in 2006 . 10 years development and improvement  , Weldo developed computer programming PVC label dispensing machine, joystick box programming machine , soft enamel badge dispensing machine in enamel micro-injection , PU doming machine and gradually form a complete system in Fluid mirco-injection industry. Weldo machines are  more and more mature that widely used in  footwear , souvenir and apparels